I’m Back

It seems the less time I have, the more I manage to do; and the more time I have, the less I manage to achieve. I’m either doing ten things at the same time, all reasonably well; or two things at a time, and both quite badly.  I haven’t worked out my formula.  How some people can claim to know others’ is another mystery.
I stopped writing back in 2012, believing it was the right thing.  I had started my PhD research.  Time was, and remains, money (the days, and tuition fees, are ticking and I must finish on time).  Three years later, I’ve had my ups and downs with my research.  The one thing I can say is that it didn’t matter one bit that I had stopped writing.  It didn’t add ‘time’ to my PhD.  It didn’t allow me to give it more focus.  The driver to stop was simply the guilt of writing something for fun, instead of reading a research paper, or drafting a chapter.  I was so consumed with it, I forgot to consider whether or not I would miss it – and missed it I have.
In January, I wondered if I would ever come back and wrote this post.  Not only did I enjoy writing it, I wrote it during one of the busiest times I’ve had with my PhD.  So… I’m back! With a fresh start and a new concept – hence the new home.  The central theme of photography will remain.  It has proven to be a great excuse to post about anything and everything.  I will also be doing a little more than that here.
If you’re an old reader of mine, welcome back.  If you’re new, brace yourself!

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