Photography, Culture and Life
Ealing_MB_armsLooking back at the subjects I covered over the years in my earlier blog, I’ve found them fitting snugly into one or more of these three headings. The theme for UtterRelease was ‘stories from home and away’ and they were infused with images that brought the words to life. My travel has reduced considerably in the past few years.  This, coupled with pressure on my time with work and study, allowed me to be lazy when it came to exploring and writing.  This new blog is an attempt to make a comeback.  I’ve also given myself the freedom of looking beyond my photography, and talking about other related interests such as the arts, music and culture.

Respice Prospice

We moved to England in the summer of 1988, and I started high school that autumn.  When my mother bought my school uniform, I couldn’t understand the two words on my school badge.  My English back then was as good as my Latin today.  I asked the head master, on my first day of school, what it meant; “Look to the future, and learn from your past” he replied.  I later learned that the words were originally on the coat of arms of Ealing granted in 1902.

rp logo.001The simple logo I’ve designed for this blog, which I’m only using as a favicon, is an inverted letter R looking back at the past, and a more prominent P facing and looking forward.

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